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Over the counter chemical peel for wrinkles

Over the counter chemical peel for wrinkles
Over the counter chemical peels provide a cheap and easily available means of revitalizing and regenerating your skin. It is a milder version of professional chemical peels where the new skin replacing the old skin is smooth and exuberates a youthful appearance.

Do-it-yourself peels not only treat wrinkles, but also give your skin a vibrant glow. They are usually similar to professional peels, but in a diluted version. One commonly used acid in these peels is alpha hydroxyl or AHAs or glycolic acids.

These acids naturally occur like in sugar cane juice, and are a very mild chemical peel. These acids gently penetrates through the upper skin layers to slough away dead upper skin layers and make way for younger and rejuvenated skin. Besides glycolic acid, salicylic acid is commonly used in these peels. They work especially well on sebum, and thus benefit those suffering from acne problems.

Easy to use at home
These chemical peels take longer to give effects than a professional one; however as they are rather cheap and as results can be seen within a week’s time, it is a viable alternative. Moreover, do-it-yourself peels are easy to use and can be applied at home to treat wrinkles instead of visiting a doctor’s office or spa.

Whichever over-the-counter peel you opt to use, it is important that you read and understand its usage instructions before using it. Though the acids used in them are diluted, they are still potent enough to cause damage like chemical burns if improperly used or with overexposure. So make sure the at-homes peel you use has no more than 10% glycolic acid.

The patch test
It is always better to try a bit of the peel on a patch of unexposed skin so that any adverse reactions are not exposed in public. There is a chance of your skin becoming sensitive to touch and turning red and puffy after proper application of the peel.

Don’t worry as these are effects that occur when the peel works. Do not scratch the skin at this moment as it only worsens things. The side effects slowly fade away in a few days’ time to reveal a new skin layer wherever the peel was applied.

Easily available
The home peels are easily available at the local drug stores and online. So in a nutshell, these over-the-counter peels offer an affordable means to getting younger-looking, revitalized skin. You have to pay only $25 to $40 for these peels, which is much cheaper than the hundreds or thousands you have to pay for professional peels. They provide the perfect answer to anyone who wants to improve their skin at minimal costs and at their convenience.

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