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Different Types of Wrinkles

5 different types of wrinkles

To me, a wrinkle seemed to be just a wrinkle. At the most, I had heard about crow’s feet and laugh lines. However I was surprised to learn from my research, that there are different types of wrinkles. By understanding these five types of wrinkles, and what causes them, you find it easier to treat and prevent them.

1. The laugh lines that you and I know are technically called dynamic expression lines. It is our own facial muscle movements that make these lines develop over time. Even crow’s feet belong to this type of wrinkles.

2. Fine lines are fine wrinkles that develop as you age, and because of loss of skin elasticity and collagen. As the fine lines tend to disappear if your skin is pulled tight, it is possible to use a plumping moisturizer like LifeCell to treat these fine lines.

3. If you are one of those who spend lots of time in the sun,

it is very likely that you will develop permanent creases or lines on your face over time. It is obviously the sun that causes these creases.

Smoking also leads to skin damage that is similar to this sun damage.

4. Skin folds or gravitational folds are inevitable as they are caused by gravity and aging. As you age, you find that these folds tend to get more obvious.

5. Dangling wrinkles are similar to folds, and arise because of a combination of gravity and a loss of elasticity and collagen.

What I noticed, and learnt about these different types of wrinkles is that they can all be prevented just by making a few modifications and changes in our lifestyles from a young age. I mean, if you were always lazy of wearing sunscreen while going out and playing matches, just wearing a good sunscreen can help prevent those permanent creases.

Just stopping smoking can also help prevent wrinkles. And the greatest contributor to preventing and restricting wrinkles is to follow a healthy skin care regimen from a young age, and stick to it.

Anti-aging skin creams like LifeCell also help rejuvenate and moisturize your skin and help your skin produce the required collagen and elastin for healthy, firm and tight skin.