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Complications of a Neck Lift

After reading all about surgical and non-surgical neck lifts, I have to remind you that a surgical neck lift is just like any other surgery, it has its share of complications. So before you consider having a neck lift, I felt it better to enlighten you about the possible complications that may arise after a neck lift.

The most common complication to expect is infection that can lead to a fever. Besides a fever, if you develop an infection, you may also feel nauseous, unwell and perhaps experience a swollen and tender neck.

Anesthesia complications

Another complication that may arise from neck lift surgery is an adverse reaction to anesthesia. While most people can tolerate anesthesia, some experience nausea or vomiting after anesthesia. Some may also have an allergy to anesthesia that leads to symptoms similar to any allergic reaction like itching, excessive swelling and a skin reaction like hives.

Excessive bleeding is another complication from neck lifts that may arise from loss of blood after the surgery. Sometimes, bleeding can become so severe that you may have to undergo a blood transfusion to compensate the loss of blood.

Possibility of blood clots

Then again, there are some people who develop blood clots after undergoing neck lift surgery. This is a serious complication as the blood clot may dislodge and settle in another part of the body, and lead to further life-threatening complications like strokes that arise from blood clots in the brain.

So before you contemplate undergoing neck lift surgery, make sure you weigh the benefits and side effects of the procedure to make your final decision. A safe bet that leads to minimum possibilities of complications after a neck lift would be to choose a surgeon with years of experience to perform the surgery for you.

Then again, you could always undergo a non-surgical neck lift or perhaps, ardently use LifeCell anti-wrinkle cream for a few weeks for younger and smoother looking skin.