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Diamond Peel or Crystal Microderm abrasion?

While in the midst of my never ending research for help with wrinkle removal, I was really intrigued to learn that there is a third form of microdermabrasion which I never knew existed; diamond peel abrasion.

This form of microderm abrasion is done using a diamond machine, is a relatively new form of abrasion that is today used extensively in spas and medical clinics. In fact, there are some people who prefer using diamond machines instead of crystal machines for their abrasion.

Difference between crystal and diamond microdermabrasion
Features of crystal microdermabrasion

1. Special, handheld devices are used in crystal microdermabrasion to propel aluminum oxide crystals on the skin with a high speed flow. This in turn leads to the emission of dirt, dead cells and used crystals which is sucked away by the machine’s vacuum system.

2. Moreover, its irregular crystal shape facilitates a more effective abrader. Aluminum oxide is also does not cause any allergic or adverse reactions, is safe if ingested and is non-carcinogenic.

3. Sometimes sodium bicarbonate crystals are used instead of aluminum oxide crystals in crystal microdermabrasion. They are softer and less effective in microdermabrasion, and are used only on patients with hyperpigmentation and can be easily washed off after a treatment.
Features of diamond microdermabrasion
1. On the other hand, in a diamond peel, the crystals are replaced with microbrasion wands that have either natural or synthetic diamond tips.

2. It is safer and better to use diamond abrasion to abrade regions close to the eyes and mouth as there is no fear of any stray crystals getting damaged or ingested in the process.

3. Diamond microderm machines also come with wands of various sizes and coarseness to use for different skin types and resurfacing depths. The diamond chips on these wands polish the skin to remove dead cells which are then vacuumed into a waste filter.

4. The reason many professionals prefer using diamond microdermabrasion today is because it is easier to control, and does not irritate the skin.

5. However as bacteria from the exfoliated skin remains on the diamond tip, it can unknowingly spread to the other parts of the face and body. Moreover, diamond microdermabrasion is not that effective on irregular surfaces as it does not have crystals that fit into the exact skin irregularities.

Which is better?
After reading about all this, I wondered what the better option would be for wrinkle removal; regular crystal microdermabrasion or diamond tip microdermabrasion. Well, both are just as effective in wrinkle removal, and both its rates are similar.

However diamond microdermabrasion needs more of an investment but as a fresh supply of crystals is not used after each session, spas and clinics can afford to offer diamond abrasion at the same rate as normal abrasion.

The only reason I could find to use a diamond peel instead of a regular microdermabrasion is that it does not produce stray crystals. Otherwise, the choice is more a personal choice as both are equally effective in wrinkle removal.