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Look younger with a thread face lift

Yes, you read it right. There is such a cosmetic procedure called thread face lift where thread is used to help get rid of wrinkles and give younger looking skin! Just reading the heading got me curious to find out what they actually do in a thread face lift.

A thread face lift is a non-invasive surgical procedure used to get rid of wrinkles. Instead of using large incisions to give younger looking skin, the thread face lift surgeon makes tiny incisions and repositions a person’s face using thread. The benefit of a thread face lift is that it requires only local anesthesia, and a short recovery time.

It is those who have minimal facial aging signs who benefit most from a thread face lift. It helps in fixing sagging facial skin of cheeks, jaw and neck region. It also helps remove fine lines and wrinkles.

The actual process

There is no need of making any long incisions in a thread face lift. All the surgeon makes are small cuts in the patient’s face and then threads a special surgical thread through the cuts.

The thread used here has barbs on them that attach to the skin from inside so that the surgeon just has to pull on the thread to lift skin. You experience a slightly raised and smoother face practically right away.

The thread face lift is called a lunchtime lift by many people as it can be completed in the same amount of time as an extended lunchtime meal. The patient receives only local anesthesia and the procedure lasts only an hour or two. Some patients may require some anti-anxiety medication to help them relax before the procedure.

Possible complications

As a thread lift is not a major surgery, it comes only with a few complication risks. There is a chance of the patient developing an infection, or of a thread breaking during the process.

There are also cases where the thread is visible under the skin surface or where the thread moves about to make a side of the face look different. Sometimes, there may be temporary numbness in the treated areas.

Thread lifts require a short recovery time. However patents will be advised to eat soft foods for several days, and to take some over the counter pain killers. It is possible for you to resume your normal activity within a week of your surgery.