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Symptoms of Aging

Symptoms of Aging

While I was doing my research on wrinkles, I stumbled across lots of interesting information on not only wrinkles, but also the various signs of aging. If you always thought that aging started in the forties, like I did, you are in for a shock.

I found out that the skin starts aging right from the age group of twenty to forty! So here is a compilation of the signs of aging you can expect at different ages of your life.

20-30 year age group:

This is when you find signs of aging skin manifesting itself in your body. You find some additional fine lines and minor wrinkles starting to appear. There will be an enlargement of skin pores while the skin starts getting dull in color.

You will also experience some

loss in skin elasticity, which leads to slight skin sagging, especially near your eyes. Some people experience acne and associated scarring, along with appearance of excess hair on the skin.

Women who get pregnant in this age group develop additional aging signs like stretch marks, skin discoloration problems and varicose and spider veins.

30-40 year age group:

This is when the initial aging signs developed between 20-30 years start getting more evident, along with additional skin aging signs. You find more lines on the forehead and around the mouth and eyes.

There will be more wrinkles present and a possibility of facial veins and varicose and spider veins appearing on legs. Be careful of any changes or unusual dark spots on the skin as it may indicate skin cancer.

40-55 year age group:

This is the age where aging skin signs are more significant and start becoming a cause of concern in people. (Just like what had happened to me; I had never actually realized my skin was aging till now!)

You find that all the scars and blemishes of your younger days become more evident. While existing wrinkles deepen noticeably, more fine lines and wrinkles start developing. You find more sagging of skin around eyes and cheeks and appearance of more facial veins and varicose and spider veins.

The age spots you have start darkening while your skin gets a rough texture. In addition to this, the enlargement of pores is more significant while recovery from skin damage seems to be really slow. You may also start experiencing discoloration and pigmentation problems.

Over 55 year age group

This is when you find many fine lines and deep wrinkles not only on your face, but on your body too. Your skin undergoes uneven coloring and skin pigmentation while it’s sagging becomes worse in all areas. You find dark circles appearing under eyes, along with liver spots and even warts and moles.

By reading about all this, I learnt that aging is something that we cannot stop as it is a natural process of the body. The only thing I learnt is that we can do is either slow down the aging process, or disguise it.

I found out that there are various cosmetic procedures that help prevent various signs of aging like botox injections, chemical peels and even cosmetic surgery. However of the lot, I feel that the best option is to invest in a good anti wrinkle cream like LifeCell, and use it on a regular basis. It’s better to start using anti wrinkle creams (like LifeCell) from a young age, instead of using them after aging signs manifest itself in the body.