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Invasive Treatments for Wrinkle Reduction

Invasive Treatments for Wrinkle ReductionOkay, after taking a look at non-invasive wrinkle reduction options, you will surely notice that these options take time in removing wrinkles. So if you need to get rid of your wrinkles in a hurry, or if you have deep wrinkles that need more effort or treatment to get rid off, I think you may find your answer here.

Facial or chemical peels is a wrinkle treatment option that naturally involves the application of chemicals to the skin to help smoothen wrinkles and to help in the fading of age spots.

Once a chemical peel is applied to your face, it expedites the shedding of the top layer of the epidermis so that the fresh skin underneath it gets exposed. You will surely be happy with the results this treatment option offers. Moreover, they have to be repeated only once or twice a year to maintain your youthful appearance.

Microdermabrasion is another wrinkle treatment that involves the treating of your face with a device that resembles a mini-sandblaster. This sandblaster has tiny crystals in it that rub against the skin to remove older skin from its surface.

Consequently, the fresh skin found below is exposed. With the help of regular microdermabrasion treatments, it is possible to not only remove wrinkles, but also even out your skin tone to get more radiant skin.

The longest lasting option for wrinkle reduction is plastic surgery like a facelift. This procedure is started by making incisions at strategic points and then the skin is stretched tight. This is followed with the clipping off of excess skin, which is secured in place with the help of sutures.

If a facelift is done right, there will be little fear of any complications or side effects arising. It can easily make you look ten years younger, and its results last for several years after which you may have to undergo a second round of surgery.

However though you look very much younger with plastic surgery, the procedure is very painful and its recovery time, very long. Moreover, when compared to creams, peels and botox injections, this is a very expensive wrinkle removal option.

I feel that it is up to you to decide on what wrinkle removal option you’d prefer to use to get rid of and to prevent wrinkles. Your choice may be made based on your budget and how quickly you want your wrinkles to disappear.

However if you ask me, I’d always prefer using an anti wrinkle cream like LifeCell as I just have to apply the cream everyday. There is no need of going to any dermatologist, no surgical procedure to endure, no side effects to worry about and of course, no recovery time to wait too!