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Things to consider before getting a neck lift

As we all know, a neck lift is great for neck wrinkle reduction. However I have to say that neck lifts are not advised for everyone. As the results of a neck lift greatly depend on the condition of your skin, the benefits of a neck lift are not the same for everyone. So discuss what the neck lift will and will not do to you and your skin with your doctor before using it for wrinkle reduction.

Those taking some medications cannot have a neck lift. If you smoke, you have to quit smoking a fortnight before the procedure, and also avoid smoking for at least a fortnight after the surgery. If this is not possible, it’s better to forget having a neck lift.

Don’t go an any fad diet

It is not advised to go on any fad diet for a few weeks prior to the neck lift surgery as your body needs a balanced diet to prepare you for the neck lift. If you are on any vitamin or mineral supplement, inform and discuss this with your surgeon. There are some nutrients that will thin blood and can cause excessive bleeding after the neck lift.

You will also be advised about the risks associated with the neck lift surgery. Its risks are similar to any surgery like excessive bruising, swelling, some reactions to the anesthetic administered during the neck lift and some infection that may develop during recuperation.

Avoid strenuous physical activity

Before considering a neck lift, know what you can and cannot do during the recovery period. You will have to limit your physical activity for several weeks after a neck lift, especially heavy lifting and contact sports.

Keep clean towels, gauze, antibacterial ointment and ice packs ready to use if required. It is better to wear comfortable clothes, especially shirts and tops that button or zip down the front during the recovery period. Your surgeon will be able to give you an expected recovery time based on your general health.
So you can see that the choice of undergoing neck surgery is as serious as opting to undergo any other surgery. You have to weigh its pros and cons before you make an informed decision to proceed or not to proceed with the neck lift.