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Mini Neck Lift for a Younger You

A mini neck lift is also called a submentoplasty, and is an invasive form of cosmetic surgery that targets sagging skin, wrinkles and fat deposits found around the neckline. With a mini neck lift, your neck line contours are greatly improved to make you look much younger than you actually are.

The best candidates for mini neck lifts are slightly obese, middle aged people whose necklines moderately sags or droops. Many a time, a neck lift is combined with brow lift, nose reshaping and other procedures to create a more dramatic result.

Mini neck lifts are usually done on an outpatient basis. The surgeon decides whether to use local or general anesthesia during the procedure. With local anesthesia, you remain awake but don’t feel any pain during the procedure.

The procedure

In case of general anesthesia, you generally sleep through the procedure, and it is usually performed in a hospital setting. This option is usually used for those having existing medical and blood clotting problems.

Once anesthesia is administered, the surgeon starts by making a small incision below the chin.

All the fat tissue found here is trimmed off or removed using liposuction, muscles are tightened for added muscle laxity and excess skin is removed to improve the neck profile.

Sutures are then used to close the wound which on healing give a barely visible scar that fits in the neck creases. The surgeon requires about two hours to complete the procedure however the after care of a neck lift is rather laborious.

Home after care
You have to keep your head elevated for several days after the neck lift. You will be advised to wear compression garments for a week to control swelling and to speedup the healing process.

Within two weeks’ time, you can resume your work and normal activities. However you have to wait for a month for strenuous activates.

Don’t expect to see immediate results after a mini neck lift. The face may look distorted for several weeks because of swelling and bruising. However as the skin heals and tightens, you start noticing a smoother neckline and a younger self. In fact, based on your skin elasticity and your surgeon’s skill, the effects of a mini neck lift lasts between 5-7 years.