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Thermage Face Lift

Talking about non-surgical neck lifts, there is also a non-surgical face lift available for wrinkle reduction called a Thermage face lift. With a Thermage face lift, you get tighter looking and younger facial skin without undergoing any surgery.

In a Thermage face lift, radio waves and not a scalpel is used to rejuvenate your facial skin, and also the skin on your arms, legs, abdomen, rear and even knees. With a Thermage face lift, all this is made possible without any incisions or long recovery times.

A Thermage face lift not only tightens your skin and smoothens wrinkles; it also helps in lifting your eyebrows and in making your cheek bone look more prominent. It is also effective in firming your jawline and makes your double chin look better and less noticeable.

Immediate improvements in your skin

A Thermage face lift can be performed in your doctor’s office within an hour’s time. With the help of a radio frequency device, your doctor heats your face collagen to make it contract. This results in skin tightening and also promotes the production of additional collagen, to give younger looking skin.

Most people find considerable improvements and wrinkle reduction after a single Thermage face lift while others may need to undergo additional procedures.

Usually, after a Thermage face lift, you not only experience skin tightening during the process, but also progressive skin tightening that lasts six months after the procedure. This is because the heating of deep skin layers tend to activate the healing process of the skin, which in turn promotes the creation of additional collagen.

While most people don’t feel any pain during a Thermage face lift, some people may report a pinching sensation or intense heat during the procedure. This is why most doctors give patients oral painkillers and apply anesthesia to their facial skin to prevent any discomfort.

In rare cases, there may also be some side effects like swelling, dimpling, blisters and redness after the Thermage face lift. These side effects however, go away within a few weeks’ time.