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Sunscreen can Help Prevent Wrinkles

The right sunscreen can help prevent wrinkles

While talking about sunscreens being helpful in preventing sunscreen, I have to mention that in my research, I found out that it’s no use just using any sunscreen you find in the market. It is important that you choose and use the right sunscreen so that it offers you maximum protection in preventing wrinkles.

I learnt that you have to choose your sunscreen based on its ingredients and SPF factor, which is the amount of UVB absorption the sunscreens offers. The ingredients found in sunscreens are divided into compounds that either physically block radiation, or help in the absorption of radiation. The compounds that block radiation help in reducing the skin’s exposure to both UVA and UVB radiation.

While zinc oxide is an old formulation used in sunscreens to provide radiation protection, the new formulation of micronized titanium dioxide works better in providing radiation protection. The best choice for a broad spectrum sunscreen is one that has an SPF of a minimum of 15, and contains avobenzene, zinc oxide or

titanium oxide.

Now that you have chosen the right sunscreen, for it to work effectively, it is important that you properly use it. However I learnt that most people don’t use enough of sunscreen. They usually apply only 25- 50% of the recommended amount while you have to liberally apply it to all the sun exposed regions for maximum protection.

Generally, a sunscreen requires half an hour to get absorbed by your skin. So you have to wear it half an hour before going out and not when you are about to go out. (This is what I usually do!)

It is also important that sunscreens are last applied on your body and face as some sunscreens tend to break down the water found in water based foundations and moisturizers. I guess this is why it is important that you wear your anti aging cream first, and then your sunscreen before going into the sun.

I have always noticed that sunscreen labels mention frequent reapplication of sunscreens for maximum protection. However I never did know how frequently I had to use sunscreen.

Though some people suggest reapplying sunscreen 2-4 hours after being in the sun, it is also suggested that sunscreens work even more effectively if they are reapplied half an hour after being in the sun. I suppose this second application of sunscreen ensures your body is aptly protected from sunshine.

Though you may think that sunscreens with a high SPF provide better protection from sunshine and for preventing wrinkles, I learnt it is better to wear a 15 SPF sunscreen everyday.

Since learning all this, I have changed my brand of sunscreen, and started applying it as mentioned above whenever I go out in the sun. I do agree that my skin looks better now and suggest you try it out too!

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